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Meet Suzanne

Meet Suzanne
I really didn't intend to become the "Wall Design Diva" when graduating from the University of Washington, Seattle with a BS in Textiles, Clothing and Art. After leaving Seattle for the “real world” I began my career working for a textile print company in Honolulu, assisting the stylist with her job of selecting and adapting gorgeous designs for fabric to be used by bikini and aloha shirt manufacturers! This position was followed by other professional opportunities including Fashion Coordinator for I.Magnin, San Francisco and Saks Fifth Avenue, New York, you know the person who produces those glamorous shows with all the designers. What a fun time!

Several years later, following marriage and three children, I got the itch again to express my design talent. It was when we built and moved into our "new home" that my interest in framed art really began to blossom. I just had to have something on the walls in key locations, focal points of each room. Even though we could not afford to furnish every room right away, I determined that a piece of art was critical to creating that feeling of permanence and uniqueness to our home. This house would not feel like a home until the interior spaces reflected "us".

Helping clients with their art and interior needs.Today, I enjoy helping clients with their art and interior design needs. I have found that it is the art décor that makes the space personal, reflecting the passions of the owner. Art is most often the focal point of every room. It is the glue that brings the interior furnishings together. Why not allow the "Wall Design Diva", that would be me, to solve your next wall design challenge?

Snapshots of My Work
I invite you to view just a few of the many residential and commercial Wall Designs I have completed for clients.

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THE FINE ART OF WALL DESIGNDo you want to achieve a look in your home décor that is unique and represents your personality, your unique style? I have been helping clients in their homes and businesses with their art selection, framing design, and placement for over ten years. Now you can discover the thrill of knowing how to select, design and place art correctly and creatively with my new book, "The Fine Art of Wall Design."